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CPCEC is an emulator of the family of home microcomputers Amstrad CPC (models 464, 664 and 6128) whose goal is to be loyal to the original hardware and efficient in standard modern systems. Thus it brings a faithful emulation of the Z80 microprocessor and it replicates the behavior of the CRTC 6845 and Gate Array video chips, the PSG AY-3-8912 sound chip, the remaining circuits found in the original hardware, and the tape deck and floppy disc drive that made possible loading and running software.

ZXSEC is an emulator of the Sinclair Spectrum family (48k, 128k, +2/Plus2 and +3/Plus3) based on the components it shared with the Amstrad CPC family: the Z80 microprocessor, the PSG AY-3-8192 sound chip, the tape system and the NEC765 disc drive controller.

CPCEC requires a Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system or later. The minimal hardware requirements are those fitting the operating system, and it's advised that the main microprocessor runs at 400 MHz at least. Screen resolution in pixels must be 800x600 at least. A sound card is optional. Using a joystick is optional, too.

The source code of CPCEC and its binaries follow the GNU General Public License v3, described in the file GPL.TXT within the package. Source code is located at the UNED project archive; it's also available on request.


Arkanoid 2 (1988 Imagine)
CPC 464

Skweek (1989 Loriciels)
CPC 6128

Cobra (1986 Ocean)
Spectrum 48k

Zub (1987 Mastertronic)
Spectrum 128k

Mega Phoenix (1991 Dinamic)
CPC 464

Beast Preview (1992 Overflow)
CPC 6128

Dark Star (1984 Design Design)
Spectrum 48k

Deliverance (1990 Hewson)
Spectrum 128k

Mission Genocide (1987 Firebird)
CPC 464

Logon's Run (2017 Logon System)
CPC 6128

Starion (1985 Melbourne House)
Spectrum 48k

Mot (1989 Opera Soft)
Spectrum Plus3

Samurai Trilogy (1987 Gremlin)
CPC 464

PhX (2018 Condense)
CPC 6128

Vectron (1988 Firebird)
Spectrum 48k

Cray 5 (2011 Retroworks)
Spectrum Plus3


This emulator owes its existence to a series of people and societies that are listed as follows:

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