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CNGBLOG, blog about my endeavours (Spanish)
CPCE, unfinished CPC emulator for DOS and Windows (English)
CPCEC, a more detailed and reliable GPL Amstrad CPC emulator (English)
CPC compactages, tightly packed software archives for the Amstrad CPC (English)
BB4CPC, the all-new, all-different Amstrad CPC single-load port of "Bubble Bobble" (English)
FROGALOT, 2nd place and best technical achievement in the CPC RetroDev 2015 compo (Spanish+English)
HIRE HARE, 2nd place and best technical achievement in the CPC RetroDev 2016 compo (Spanish+English)
BASKET CASES, 3rd place and best artificial intelligence in the CPC RetroDev 2017 compo (Spanish+English)
THE ADVENTURES OF TIMOTHY GUNN, 4th place in the CPC RetroDev 2018 compo (Spanish+English)
EPIMETHEUS, 3rd place and two special mentions in the CPC RetroDev 2019 compo (Spanish+English)
FIRE TYRE, 5th place (no mentions, though) in the CPC RetroDev 2020 compo (Spanish+English)
WIREWARE, 2nd place (no mentions too) in the CPC RetroDev 2021 compo (Spanish+English)
DIRE DARE, an iso 3D game delivered to the CPC RetroDev 2022 compo (Spanish+English)
ALLOY BOX, 1st place (plus mentions) in the CPC RetroDev 2023 compo (Spanish+English)
CSW2CDT, tools for encoding and decoding ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC tapes (English)
CHIPNSFX, simple chiptune tracker with a lightweight standalone player (English)
DUCK OUT, Amstrad CPC port of "Duck Out" (Spanish+English)
UZ80, a small Z80 macro assembler (English)
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